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Silent Auction

Silent Auction

How It Works:

You must have a bidding number. If you do not have one, register with the cashier. If you DO have one and do not know it, please ask and we will look it up. Please do not register for another one if you already have one.

  • Record today's date, your bidder number, and your bid in the spaces provided.
  • The auction for the item will close when there has not been a bid for 5 business days (days that the store is open) after the last bid has been recorded.
  • When the auction closes, we will notify the highest bidder.
  • You may bid as many times as you desire.
  • We accept bids by phone. Please note the item number if possible; that way we do not have to locate the item when you call in.
  • All bids must increase by at least $1.00. The FIRST bid must be at least $1.00 HIGHER than the starting bid.
  • Auction items must be picked up within 7 business days of notification unless special arrangements are made. If an item is not picked up, we reserve the right to re-auction the item
  • We do not make any claim as to the item’s authenticity or value.