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Community Involvement

At the Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland, we believe in supporting Local Charity Organizations as well as Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). When we budget an amount to give to MCC, we also give 10% of that amount to local charity organizations. We plan to give to the following charities in the current fiscal year.

  • Bridge of Hope
  • Cavod Academy of Arts
  • Center For Community Peacemaking
  • Cross Connection Ministries
  • ELANCO Homes of Hope (Love Inc)
  • ELANCO Public Library
  • ELANCO School District
  • ELANCO Social Service Network
  • Friendship Community
  • Garden Spot Fire Rescue
  • Light Vocational Services
  • Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS)
  • New Holland Ambulance Association
  • New Holland Food Bank
  • New Holland YMCA
  • Occupational Development Center (ODC)
  • Potter's House
  • Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM)
  • Upward Call Ministries
  • Welsh Mountain Home

Throughout this year, we plan to have several more charities come and set up an information booth. As we schedule the charities, we will update you!